Sorin Oncu








The Testament
The office ring binder containing printed texts of the different EU poverty reports along with images of five sliced loaves of bread and two EU aid cans of fish, formulates a critique on the politically profitable interest for the poor.
The Wind
The work exhibit under a poster titled “My Escape from Communist Hell” refers to an interpretation of a Christian maxim "all men are brothers" meaning also that those that are not my brothers are not men.
The Wall
The wall made out of empty FEAD flour bags, destined to provide part of the basic meal to people across Europe who cannot afford it, is addressing the issues of marginalisation through charity and aid as business.
Fading Stars
EU members are united in their egoism, in their pursuit of self interest. We are all willingly stepping on this dream of a united Europe, slowly dispersing it into the inevitable oblivion of history.
exp(x) 2 - Last Supper Meal
Displayed as a tray with fast food meal on it, the work containing three-forms of fossil fuel is referring to a final capitalist transubstantiation of man into resource consumption and the resource itself.
Twittering Machine
The audio installation “Twittering Machine“ is settled around the parallel of interrogation and interview executed by different agencies in pursuit of information and the abuse of these processes.
The interactive installation No News Newsletter realised in collaboration with Cosmin Haias inside of an empty water tower, questions the barriers imposed by pretentious intellectual construct to a basic physiological need.
Fragile Rights
The project “Fragile Rights" exposes the benignity of the Romania's accession to an image.The EU flag displayed abundantly in Romania, the standard of certain values, is a symbol striped of what it propagates.
Queermorphism is an artwork in a form of a website containing a manifesto, an instructional animation and few printable sheets, formulating a critique on heterosexist “normativisation” of child's behaviour.
Ah/HwTP expresses a critique upon gay community’s incapability to produce a gay MP and upon Romanian political parties wariness to promote and sustain at least one openly gay politician.
European Classics
The series titled European Classics is a set of works that rely on exposing the two intertwined isms as a result of the same compulsive need to exclude while invoking an intoxicating loyalty to its own abuser - the nation state.
The Homework 2
The project is converting physical samples into digital data, sampling the multi-functionality of my workspace into representation of objects/conditions and thus of activities/life that take place in the workroom.
Geography of the Heroes
The work is formulated by the impossibility of dualism between the hero and the antihero, ironically mapping the "heroism" often relegated into a victimisation as justification for crime and violence.
The Homework 1
The two piece work is the result of an accidental sequence of the book I was reading "Nothing if Not Critical" by Robert Hughes, and the commissioned project I was working on for Luciano Benetton's "Imago Mundi" art collection.
Ah / HwTL
The work refers to the heterosexist patriarchal matrix in structuring the Romanian society conditioned by cultural dogmatic practice, formulating laws in absence of a cognitive and rational process.
The series of self-questioning works deals with the animosity between the ethnic and the national identity or between legal and cultural determination of one self in shaping one's identity, which seems to be volatile.
Ah / HwTE
Romanian intelligentsia linked to the extreme right's sentiments regarding homosexuality is the core of institutionalised homophobia in Romanian educational system from kindergarten to the Romanian Academy.
Still Life 3
The project developed during the residency at 59 Rivoli in Paris addresses the issue of „Nuclear France” and the skilfully made imagery of the French romantic and bucolic landscape promoted  through its entire cultural spectrum.
Antihomophobic - Halfway Through Therapy is the project that refers to the homophobia rooted in community unaware of unhealthy condition of its homophobe leader - an opinion former or instigator of violence.
exp(x) - One Day in Oil
The self-declared master of resources outlined by what he owns, can be defined through the way he uses his resources. One Day in Oil is a comment on disturbing anomalies of necessary oil consumption.
Deviant Behaviour
The work addresses the categorisation of homosexuality as deviant behaviour and the deviant behaviour of corporal punishment for the christian social norm violation, instigation to violence as institutionalised christian practice.
The heterosexist book by Fritz Kunkel first published in 1932, titled Character, Love and Marriage, which unsurprisingly limits the couple to a stereotypical christian dogmatism, is used for drawings of male to male cables.
Still Life 2
Still Life 2 is the work that refers to issues regarding the profit registered during and after the Kosovo war by members of the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army), transformed into important politicians of independent Kosovo.
Still Life 1
Unexploded bombs remain active and cause death long after military conflicts. 10 years after the bombing of Serbia by NATO forces, unexploded cluster bombs still represent a mortal danger for tens of thousands of people.
Contradicting the principle of equality provided by the Constitution, Romanian Civil Code offers civil union as a privilege, defining marriage as between one man and one woman and ignores the diversity of existing relationships.
The project addresses wide issues that concern environmental protection, including recycling, reusing, reducing, the lack of responsibility and the significance of water, air and soil quality for life conditions in urban areas.
The project containing works realised in collaboration with the LGBTeam organisation had a purpose to contribute to cultural assertion of LGBT community in Timisoara, creating a larger visibility of the community.