Sorin Oncu








Still Life 1
In the installation "Still Life" traditional still life objects are replaced with elements of cluster bombs, which are bombs that are fractured and contain munitions or small bombs that are spread out over large areas in order to destroy military targets. According to humanitarian organizations cluster bombs are not effective against military targets, 95% of the bomb victims are civilians. Unexploded bombs remain active and cause death long after military conflicts, negatively affecting a long period of peace-building efforts. 10 years after the bombing of Serbia by NATO forces unexploded cluster bombs still represent a mortal danger for tens of thousands of people. Munition of these bombs is common in zones affected by war, as frequent as the fruit in a still life, arranged in a basket and scattered to abundance, they are far from being as harmless.
Still Life, 2010, world map, plastic, paint, plasticine, cardboard, paper, 230 x 300 x 100 cm