Sorin Oncu








"LGBTeam" is a project containing a set of works realized in collaboration with the LGBTeam organization witch purpose was cultural assertion of LGBT community in Timisoara. The project address the problems and concerns of LGBT people through art, creating a larger visibility of the community, otherwise very poorly represented in Romanian culture. Carried out project "Assertion through Culture" embodied works that refer to identity, homophobia and discrimination, aiming to raise awareness and create a place for social cohesion.
Sketches, 2006, mixed media, dimensions variable


Identity, 2005, mixed media, dimensions variable
Antihomophobic, 2006, medicine boxes, blister pack, paper, acrylic, plastic wrap, 180 x 200 cm
Coming Out, 2006, plastic wrap, cable, acrylic and photos made by Diana Bodea,
160 x 160 x 80 cm
Banned Privacy, 2007, installation, mixed media, dimensions variable