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Art Encounters - Becoming Connected - Timișoara Memorial of Revolution / 3 - 31 october 2015

The Wall , 2015 Installation, 500 EU aid flour bags, 300 X 200 cm

The wall made out of empty FEAD (The Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived) flour bags, destined to provide part of the basic meal to people across Europe who cannot afford it, is addressing the issues of marginalisation through charity and aid as business.

Officially through FEAD, EU seeks proud-spirited to “bring people in from the margins of society” while in practice occasionally this short term visit from the margins is a cover up for a profitable business of those in the centre. A striking example of how you can impoverish the poor by enriching the rich, while promoting democratic equality, insuring rights that have less and less factual significance. This comparative inequality, the lines of some people waiting for their EU mercy aid, carries a resemblance with food rationing during the communist regime of 1980s Romania when absolute equality was insured by making everyone equally poor. For those that remained in line, the distinction between present comparative inequality and past absolute equality, bears too little weight, while this fenced solidarity of the EU aid industry builds an insurmountable wall of dependency.