Sorin Oncu








Ah / HwTL

Ah / HwTL - Antihomophobic - Halfway Through Legalization refers to the heterosexist patriarchal matrix in structuring the Romanian society conditioned by cultural dogmatic contingent, formulating laws in absence of a cognitive and rational process. Although "sodomy", frequently invoked by Christian right can be strictly linked to privacy and private space, homosexuality however is linked to its existence in the public space, to coming-out, to take on and publicly accept homosexuality, to equality between the majority and minority. Apparently the reasoning for discriminating against sexual minorities and the arena in which it occurs and is experienced, refers to public perceptions and does not refer to private events, which when committed in public are punishable "unconditionally" as indecent exposure. Laws that prevent sexual minorities obtaining equal status, however, are drawn up in order to prevent the acknowledgement of their public and private existence in society. The hybrid between the Altar Table and the City Hall civil ceremony table reflects the specific connection between the religious and the political, distinctive for the Romanian ethos, criticizing the authorities for committed discriminations but also the discriminated, who anonymously without commitment craves for equal rights.

Ah / HwTL - Antihomophobic - Halfway Through Legalization, 2013, altar and office objects made of metal, sponge, nails, razor blades, paint, nylon, wood, glass, paper, cardboard, glue, light bulb, cable, 140 x 60 x 110 cm