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The Homework 2

(45.768125,21.220539 - file:///sorinoncu/Documents/Projects)

The interval between my physical studio at latitude - longitude: 45.768125,21.220539 and the digital folder containing information stored on my computer, seemingly unlimited, is the focus of this project. The project containing the 26 glass cartridges each with a sample collected at Latitude - Longitude: 45.768125,21.220539, in an area of 12 square meters, is converting physical samples into digital data, sampling the multi-functionality of my workspace into representation of objects/conditions and thus of activities/life that take place in the workroom. Sampling at localized latitude and longitude and transforming the 26 collected samples into non-spatial data formulates an analysis of the workspace but also of its function. The incalculable interval formed by this process of transforming the reality into the virtual is formulating the “reality of the virtual” as the most dynamic layer of the project, since the physical process of sampling my workroom will be finalized through a depositing of the collected samples in a box, while the digital data will be published via Internet. Collecting samples and establishing a map of samples reveals that both my present workroom and my digital data bear a fading reminiscence of my atelier painter tuition. In fact the content of few cartridges and the map express the trail of dissolving the status of a painting studio and transforming it into multifunctional workspace. The project is localizing my insignificant studio, sampling its present transitional status and forming a narrative that is delocalizing an individuation of activities of a singled out 12 square meters into a information available beyond its geographical constraints.

The Homework 2, 2014, digital image of the studio, sampling - plexiglass support, 26 glass cartridges each with a sample collected in the studio containing samples of: wall, pliers, tape, easel, clothes drying rack, washers, leaf, paper, Erwin Kessler's X 20, wrapping paper, glass cartridge, cardboard box, glue, string, bedsheet, dog hair, dust, dead skin cells, clay, canvas hanger, syringe needle, paint, memory stick containing this project, razor blade, paint roller, paint brush, Bible ashes, bubble wrap, 7 x 48 x 3 cm
The Homework 2 - file:///sorinoncu/Documents/Projects, 2014, screenshot