Sorin Oncu








Antihomophobic - Halfway Through Therapy is the project that refers to the homophobia rooted in community unaware of unhealthy condition of its homophobe leader - an opinion former or instigator of violence. Public figures such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger or David Bahati, in absence of reason suffer from bigotry, spreading intolerance and violence directed towards gay people. Ah / HwTT does not provide a remedy for irrational fear, dislike and aversion against gay people. There is no treatment for homophobia. The project merely draws attention toward public figures, authors of homophobic sweeping statements, emphasizing the similarity of their homophobic actions with insanity.


Ah / HwTT (Antihomophobic - Halfway Through Therapy), 2011, medicine boxes turned inside out, bottles, blisters, paper, acrylic, wood, cardboard, glass, pills and cans, dimensions variable