Sorin Oncu








The Wind
The Wind is a work that relies on symbolically exhibiting the Promised Land (the jar of honey and the bottle of milk) behind a fan referring to the dangers which refugees face when traveling in search of a better life or in an effort to save their lives. The blue bible with 12 yellow stars is representing the European Christian indifference for does that have to flee their homelands and face a storm, a reference to the Christian maxim "all men are brothers" which according to Slavoj Žižek means also that those that are not my brothers are not men. The paper boats printed with the human rights articles state that the mediterranean sea is where these rights are sunken. The work is placed under a poster titled “My Escape from Communist Hell” and this refers to the European hypocrisy. What motivated east Europeans to face the fences of tyranny in the past if not the effort to save their lives? It is simple to forget those left outside the fence once we are inside, included in this EU family, becoming more and more obsessed with protecting this precious promised land and denying it to others.
The Wind, 2015 Installation, mechanical fan, Bible, 12 yellow plexiglass stars, a jar of honey, a bottle of milk, human rights printed paper boats, tray with water, 90 x 30 x 80 cm