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Still Life 2
Still Life 2 is the work that refers to the Kosovo war and issues regarding the lugubrious profit registered during and after the war by members of the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army). Rightful fight for freedom, started in the early '90s by Ibrahim Rugova, was corrupted by practices of KLA members, many who have become politicians in 2000, occupying an important position in the political environment of independent Kosovo. A report submitted to the Council of Europe, after two years of investigation, shows that civilians abducted by the KLA during the Kosovo war were transported to Albania, to the so-called "Yellow House", where their organs were harvested for sale on the black market. Assemblage made from a hollow doll house, furnished with a single bed, suggesting the death bed, colored yellow on the outside, referring to that apparently quiet house in Albania, but also to the fluorescent visible sinister practices, performed inside the house. The Yellow House represents the ambivalence of war and the fragile peace in Kosovo, a yellow facade that hides the suffering of people missing in Kosovo, KLA prisoners, which become victims of illegal organ trafficking. In addition to the yellow house, Still Life 2 contains a series of nine images of hearts wrapped in plastic and framed, which suggests the product of the "Yellow House". Hanged toe tags, filled as form for organ donors, draw attention on the perpetrators. Fluorescence-drenched hearts, mocking the "Sacred Heart of Jesus" as a symbol of Christ's love for mankind, the essence of spiritual, emotional and moral human being, is stripped of its sanctity and is presented as an organ / product that devalues carriers life saving another life for profit, though alive is devoid of life.
Still Life 2 - 9 Hearts, 2011, mixed media, plastic wrap, 9 toe tags filled as form for organ donors, with the name John Doe as donor and the names of unconvicted perpetrators such as Hashim Tha├ži, Bernard Kouchner and convicted perpetrators such as Haradin Bala, as organ harvesters, 10 x 10 cm
Still Life 2 - The Yellow House, 2011, mixed media, 30 x 30 x 27 cm
Still Life 2 (detail), 1 toe tag