Sorin Oncu








Romanian intelligentsia profoundly linked to the extreme right's sentiments regarding homosexuality even when it claims to be liberally-orientated and very tolerant is the core of institutionalized homophobia in Romanian educational system from kindergarten to the Romanian Academy. Far more, the Romanian Academy is the place where homophobia is at home. From the leading Romanian contemporary thinkers to their disciples the understanding of homosexuality is profoundly shaped by the far right doctrines of the late 1930s Romania. The project Ah / HwTE (Antihomophobic - Halfway Through Education) emphasizes that the DEX (the Explanatory Dictionary of the Romanian Language) is much more than just a book that lists the words of the Romanian language. The heterosexist dictionary is homophobic, not only by its definitions of homosexuality, but also by the absence of words such as homophobia or homophobic. The very absence of these words suggests that the authors, members of the Romanian Academy and the Romanian intellectual class are slave to ingrained prejudice thinking. The dictionary incarnates the backwardness of Romanian intellectual thought widespread in society through education, causing stigmatization of LGBT people throughout their entire life not only by individuals but also by the learning institutions as well.


Ah / HwTE (Antihomophobic - Halfway Through Education), 2012, fringed DEX Explanatory Dictionary of the Romanian Language), paper, paint, razor blade, pen, glue, plastic, cardboard, wooden frames, wire fencing, dimensions variable