Sorin Oncu








exp(x) 1 - One Day in Oil
Man, outlined by what he owns, can be defined through the way and the purpose he uses the finite resources. The Installation "One Day in Oil" is a comment on overpopulation filtered through disturbing anomalies of necessary oil consumption and expresses the fate of the self-declared master of resources. Obsessed with the perpetuation of its genetic material, ignoring the ravaged world left as a legacy, is the emblematic feature of the man programmed to possess and consume everything. The oil dependency for contemporary human existence is obvious. Everything is oil. Every object, action, body, concept can be reduced to oil consumption. The entire traumatizing existence of the self destructive contemporary man, defined by what he eats, thinks, feels, is reduced to 0.01 barrels of oil per day. Consequently the human raw material has changed, contemporary man is more oil than earth.
One Day in Oil, 2011, bitumen, stain, oil, glass, plastic, 250 x 180 cm