Sorin Oncu








Isomorphism is a project that relates to the feelings confronted while reading the new Romanian Civil Code which discriminates against same sex couples and to a reflection concerning both the false necessity for state, public recognition of a private relationship between people and the significance of the mandatory human rights equality principal of individual towards group for democracy. The feelings aroused by the new Romanian Civil Code that legalizes inequality is the cornerstone of the project. Contradicting the principle of equality in front of public authorities provided by the Constitution, Romanian Civil Code offers civil union as a privilege, defining marriage as between one man and one woman and ignores the diversity of existing relationships in Romania. The project background is the fact that in Romania authorities choose not to recognize other forms of family relationships even though they exist and often end up replacing rational considerations in lawmaking with religious dogma.
Isomorphism, 2010, plexiglass, plastic frames, paint, 65 x 80 cm
Isomorphism, 2010, plastic frames, paint, 50 x 28 cm
=, ≠, ≈, 2010, A4 print
Ellipsis 2011, digital image
Equality Survey Device, 2011, cardboard, plaster, glue, small sceen, 17 x 21 x 18 cm