Sorin Oncu








exp(x) 2 - Last Supper Meal
“Last Supper Meal” is an object display, part of the exp(x) series which addresses the present day issue of fossil fuels dependency. Displayed as a tray with fast food meal on it, the work containing three-forms of fossil fuel is referring to a final capitalist transubstantiation of man into resource consumption and the resource itself. The self proclaimed master of resources, guided by its endless consumerist need, becomes both the actual consumption and the consumable mass. This change is as basic as our need to feed ourselves, part of our daily meal, it is irreversible and permanent Eucharist of capitalism.
Last Supper Meal, 2015, object display, coal, sample tube with natural gas, oil, cardboard, paint, new testament pages (Gospel accounts regarding the Last Supper) folded into a napkin, plastic tray, straw, beaker, 7 x 42 x 27 cm