Sorin Oncu








The Testament
The object, an office ring binder containing printed texts of the different EU poverty reports along with images of five sliced loaves of bread and two EU aid cans of fish, formulates a critique on the politically profitable interest for the poor. The content of the reports, regardless of its statistical accuracy or solution development, vividly depicts only a heavily bureaucratic system serving at the end an exclusively political pursuit. This politically profitable charity, held with limited but complicated EU logistic implication, since national authorities unfold the aid delivery, adding layers of bureaucracy to an already heavily bureaucratic system, leads to a different kind of exclusion. The images with slices of bread and the two fish cans referring to The Feeding of the 5,000 are relating specifically to The Gospel According to John and to a depiction of a more manipulative Jesus. Wrapped in EU poverty report texts, the images relate to the same kind of political aspiration, in both cases the need of those in need is used to satisfy an electoral interest. Succinctly stating that feeding of the deprived is articulated action of a political interest and not the pursuit of long term improvement of standard of life for those in question.
The Testament, 2015, object, office ring binder, A4 sheets, plastic sheet protector, 32 x 29 x 8 cm